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I know firsthand that sustainability can seem daunting. Where to even begin? Well I believe the journey to living more sustainably starts not with immediate action, but with simply observing your habits and making connections between their impact on the environment. 

When you simply start off by making observations of your impact, you begin to feel empowered by the difference your personal changes can make. Start slow and take the time to set positive intentions, and the change can happen pretty organically and simply. Many assume sustainable living to be expensive, but the reality is it can actually save you money. It just requires some planning, patience and small investments over time. 

In this intensive session, we will explore and discuss what sustainable living means as a whole, but also what it means to you. I’ll guide you in setting a personal intention behind the desire to live more sustainably so that your choices and actions feel authentic to your life. You’ll leave the session with an action plan of sustainable habits to implement at a pace that feels good for you, tailored to your budget, lifestyle and your intentions.

Here are some of the details of this sustainable living intensive!

Included Sessions:

  • 90 Minute Intensive Session
  • 30 Minute Follow Up (Optional)

Topics of Discussion:

  • Simple Sustainable Living
  • Pillars of Sustainability
  • Personal Impact
  • Connecting With Nature
  • The relationships between sustainability and personal health

We Will Cultivate:

  • Your Intentions behind making changes
  • An action plan of sustainable habits tailored to your budget, lifestyle and intentions.

Session Extras:

  • Email support
  • Less-Waste Starter Kit
  • Handouts/Guides
  • Brand and Media Recommendations

Global Change Starts With Each of Us.

If you’re ready to explore the simple ways you can live more sustainably, send me a message at or you can schedule your intensive¬†here!

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