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- Health Coaching Programs -

Beginning January 1st, I will be offering 3 different 1:1 coaching programs. While the 6 month program is the most comprehensive option, the 8 week and 3 hour intensive programs offer the ability to get individualized advice at a smaller cost and time commitment. 

The programs have a basic structure, but the flow and content will vary based on your needs. In each program, we will explore wellness beyond nutrition and exercise. All program options can take place in person or virtually. If you are interested in learning more about these offerings or want to work with me, send me a message through my contact page, email me at or schedule a free discovery call today!

6 Month Program

A fully tailored and individualized program to help you reach your health and wellness goals; this option includes:

  • two 1 hour sessions per month.
  •  welcome kit
  • individualized recommendations
  • handouts and resources
  • two free books
  • two free add-on sessions
  • access to help via email
  • priority scheduling 

starting at $499

8 Week Program

A less intensive and lower cost version of the 6 month program; this individualized program includes:

  • one 1 hour weekly session
  • welcome kit
  • individualized recommendations
  • handouts and resources
  • one free book
  • one free add-on session
  • access to help via email

starting at $249

3 Hour Intensive

This flexible session is a perfect kickstart for those looking to make a few small changes. This option includes:

  • one 3 hour session
  • one follow up appointment
  •  individualized recommendations
  • handouts and resources
  • discounted Add-On session
  • discounted upgrade to other programs.

starting at $129

- Single Sessions & Add-Ons -

In addition to the health coaching programs, I offer single session intensives in a few specific areas. These mini sessions are available to anyone, and don’t require you to be enrolled in one of the comprehensive programs. Maybe you’re looking to learn a few meal prep basics, or you just feel overwhelmed when trying to shop for healthful foods. These sessions, with accompanied take home resources, are meant to help guide you in the right direction.

Grocery Guidance

Shopping for healthy foods and not breaking the bank is no easy fete! Confusing labels only make it worse. In this session we will discuss how to decipher labels and shop for healthful foods within your budget. This option includes:

  • 90 minute session (discussion + walk through)
  • guides and handouts
  • coupons
  • recipe cards
  • meal planning and grocery list guide
  • reusable shopping bag

starting at $79

Sustainability Session

The idea of sustainable living can spark a “where do I even begin?” kind of feeling. In this mini session we will discuss practical ways to cultivate a more eco-conscious lifestyle one small step at a time. This session includes:

  • 90 minute session
  • green living starter kit
  • personalized recommendations
  • handouts and resources
  • suggested media list

starting at $79

Meal Plan + Prep

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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