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Social media marketing, brand partnerships and content creation rooted in intention, sustainable living and integrity.

Are You A Business or Brand Committed to Sustainability, Ethical Practices, Equality and/or Holistic Health?

If so, let’s work together to spread the good word through brand partnerships and marketing opportunities.

If you are a business/brand/person with a product or service in line with the values and mission of Minding My Soul, I can highlight your company and/or goods with featured blog content and/or social media advertising. All marketing and advertising content will include unique and detailed copy along with original high quality photography. If you are interested in a simple product review, I can share my honest experience with your product on my blog, social media or youtube.

If you are a business, media entity, blogger or individual looking for high quality images that represent you, your brand, and your goods, I offer freelance food and branding photography. If you are a food blogger interested in out-sourcing the photos for your site, we can partner together to create content as visually appealing as your recipes are delicious!

Please contact me through the form below detailing the services you are looking for. I will get back to you in a timely matter so we can get started as soon as possible! Not what you’re looking for? Head to my regular contact page here.

I respect your privacy and inbox. Your information will never be shared and emails are kept to a minimum.
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