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My mission as a coach is simple:

  • to help you tune into your personal needs,
  • identify the intentions in your actions and
  • foster positive, nourishing habits from a place of self care, compassion, joy and sustainability.

Have you ever struggled to make a positive habit stick?

Even when we know deep down that something could help us thrive physically or emotionally, we occasionally find ourselves fighting resistance. Why is that? The inability or difficulty to cultivate and maintain health promoting habits can stem from a number of things. I might be speculating but more often than not, it’s associated with an internal disconnect. Why is it we are trying to foster this habit in the first place? Most of us wouldn’t have an answer to this outside of “because I should.” Or we have a reason but it’s rooted in negative self-talk, stemming from a place of inadequacy or fear.

So many approach health promoting habits from the desire to lose weight. But what if shifted our mindset to focus on how nourishing habits made us feel? What if we looked at our health habits as forms of radical self-care and love versus punishment? What if we fostered habits that brought us joy instead of hyper focusing on what works for everyone else? I want to help you change the narrative and reframe your approach to how you take care of and nourish your body and mind.


POsitive Nourishment Program


Get A Head Start on Enriching Your Self Care!

You don’t need to work with a coach to start nourishing and reconnecting with yourself. Download a free copy of my one-page guide Create Your Own Self Care Tool Kit and take a few minutes to reflect on the moments where you need more self care and construct your own list of positive and supportive habits.

Businesses, Brands and Organizations:

In addition to coaching services, I provide brand partnership, media marketing and freelance photography opportunities. To find out more about my branding and marketing services visit my media inquiry page here!

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