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holistic health coaching
focused on an intentional,
joyful and sustainable
approach to wellness.

I chose to become a health coach because I believe in the ability to support our health with positive habits in a way that feels joyful and intentional as opposed to forcing habits upon ourselves from a place of fear, shame or punishment. My mission is to inspire, educate and inspire individuals to take care of their minds and bodies from a place of self care, joy and sustainability. As a coach, I work with adults who feel ready to:

  • reconnect with their mind and body
  • foster positive health promoting habits
  • identify and align with their intentions
  • ditch fad diets and wellness trends
  • stop doing things from a “should” mindset
  • explore the opportunity to thrive
If you’re curious about how 1:1 health coaching could help you thrive, reconnect with yourself and explore new ways to support your well-being, take a few moments to learn about my signature 1:1 health coaching program: Align + Nourish.


Align + Nourish is a unique and individualized 3-month health coaching program focused on helping you foster positive and health supportive habits rooted in intention, self care, joy and sustainability. This program was designed with the mission to cultivate a reframed approach to the way we choose, carry-out and maintain habits for our well-being, doing so in a matter that’s aligned with our personal intentions, values and life.

align + Nourish includes:

  • 6 one hour virtual sessions (2/month) 
  • detailed session notes + recap
  • weekly intention/goal reflection
  • daily coach support + accountability through voxer or email
  • individualized recommendations
  • free book of choice
  • access to The Nourish Lab (resource library)
  • welcome kit

areas of focus:

  • stress management
  • mindfulness habits
  • sleep
  • self care
  • general nutrition + cooking basics
  • hydration
  • intuitive exercise/movement
  • intention based living
  • sustainability

align + nourish
is for you if
you are:


  • ready to foster positive, health promoting habits
  • tired of chasing wellness trends
  • committed to positive growth
  • wanting to invest in your well-being
  • curious to explore new opportunities
  • ready to thrive physically and mentally.

align + nourish
is not for you
if you are:

  • looking for a meal plan
  • looking for a weigh loss coach
  • not open to making changes
  • unable to commit to doing the work
  • looking for an alternative to medical advice or attention

how it works

  1. First, we connect on a discovery call and discuss the program, your potential goals and how I can help you on your personal growth journey.
  2. Once you’ve decided Align + Nourish is for you, I’ll send you a small collection of forms and a program agreement to complete and we’ll schedule your sessions! I’ll also send you a small welcome gift, and give you access to The Nourish Lab.
  3. In session one, we will briefly discuss your past and then focus on where you currently are with your health and wellness habits and where you want to be; identifying goals for the program.
  4. In session two we will start to zoom in on specific habits or areas and work to fine tune your intentions and figure out what habits can support your mind and body and help you thrive.
  5. We will continue this through the rest of the sessions, ending each session with intentions and goals. In between sessions it will be up to you to carry out the work, but I’ll be available for support and accountability along the way.
  6. In the end of our last session we will wrap things up and you’ll leave with positive new skills and habits and the tools necessary for cultivating intentional habits going forward. We will also schedule a follow up session for at least 3 months later!

are you ready? the next step is yours!

If Align + Nourish feels like the right program for you and you’re ready to learn more about this unique opportunity, fill out this contact form and I will get back to you in less than 48 hours to schedule a connection call! In this 15 minute call, we’ll discuss the program details, your goals and what you are looking to gain from working together. If your intuition is calling for you to make positive changes and reconnect with yourself, the next step is yours to take.

more Interested In Self Paced Personal Growth?

Check out my Living Well With Intention course designed to help you refocus your approach to wellness, rooting your habits in intention, self care, joy, abundance and sustainability. 

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