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As a coach my mission is simple:

to help you find clarity
your wellness intentions and
to guide and empower you as
you foster nourishing and
sustainable habits
that support your
mind and body.

I have a question for you.

When was the last time you stopped and did a self-check?

Like really checked in, friend. Pausing to turn inwards and ask yourself: 

how am I truly feeling and how are things going right now? 


It seems like a simple question, right? But if you dig deep, the answer might not be as simple as you thought. Have you been making time for self-care? Are you struggling with your wellness habits? Feeling overly stressed and have no idea how to manage it? Maybe you’re feeling more or less fine, but something still feels “off.” Are you overwhelmed by your routine? Or feeling stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and over exercising. Any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s okay. It means you’re human. We all ebb and flow through seasons of ease or difficulty. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Let’s talk about it.

We can partner together to quiet the noise, identify your intentions and tune into your inner needs. The Align + Nourish program is designed to help you cultivate intentional and nourishing habits that feel supportive to YOUR mind and body. No one else’s. As the coach my job isn’t to tell you exactly what to do, but rather lead you along in your own self-discovery and give you some outside perspective. I offer the Align + Nourish Program in two formats: a 3 month comprehensive program and a 90 minute kickstarter. I also offer sustainable living coaching for those of you looking to grow in a way that’s not only impactful to your own life, but to the environment and world around you.

Coaching Programs


Align + Nourish Health Coaching Thumbnail

In this 3 month virtual health coaching program, we will work together to find clarity in your intentions and cultivate self-care habits that feel aligning and nourishing for your mind and body. The program has a basic structure, but will flow and be tailored to fit your personal needs and areas of focus. The Align + Nourish program costs $229* and includes:

  • Six 1 hr sessions (2/month)
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Intentional Planning + Goal Setting
  • Resources + Guides
  • Media Recommendations
  • Virtual Accountability
  • Unlimited Online Support

Who It’s For:

Individuals looking to foster new nourishing wellness and lifestyle habits with high levels of accountability and support.

What You Gain:

New insight into what makes you feel whole and well, a better relationship with yourself and an improved ability to support your mind and body.


Align + Nourish Intensive Health Coaching Thumbnail

In this 90 minute virtual session, we will cut to the chase in identifying your intentions and opportunities for growth. We’ll lay out a few actionable ways to put new and supportive habits into motion and will set a couple realistic goals. This program is perfect  for those needing minimal amounts of accountability.  The Align + Nourish intensive costs $99 and includes:

  • one 90 min. session
  • one 30 min. follow up session
  • Intentional Action Planning
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Resources + Guides
  • Media Recommendations
  • 6 Weeks of Online Support

Who It’s For:

Individuals who are looking to focus on just one or two small areas of their wellness or self-care and who need minimal amounts of accountability.

What You Gain:

Clarity in your intentions. Personal growth and new found approach to nourishing and supporting yourself, wellness and your life.


In this 8 Week virtual program I’ll guide you in connecting with your intentions surrounding sustainable living and help you discover your personal opportunities to foster sustainable habits. This program will involve reflection and planning, so that you can implement new and positive habits on your own timeline. The Sustain + Grow program costs $159* and includes:

  • two 1 hr. Sessions 
  • Sustainability Intention Setting
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Resources, Guides and Media Recommendations
  • Personalized Action Planning
  • Virtual Accountability
  • Email Support

Who It’s For:

Anyone looking to begin or enrich their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle with medium amounts of support and accountability.

What You Gain:

A fresh perspective on sustainable living and an actionable plan towards living a more sustainable lifestyle – free of perfectionism.

* payment plans available for 8 week and 3 month programs with deposit made before first session. Additionally, I reserve a number of coaching spaces available on a sliding scale rate in order to make my services accessible to all who are in need of support. If you would like to apply for the sliding scale cost please send me a message.

*additional months available at a rate of $75/month.

Get A Head Start on Enriching Your Self Care!

You don’t need to work with a coach to start nourishing and reconnecting with yourself. Download a free copy of my one-page guide Create Your Own Self Care Tool Kit and take a few minutes to reflect on the moments where you need more self care and construct your own list of positive and supportive habits.

Businesses, Brands and Organizations:

In addition to coaching services, I provide brand partnership, media marketing and freelance photography opportunities. To find out more about my branding and marketing services visit my media inquiry page here!

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