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There’s so much encompassed by the word “wellness.” It’s your physical health, emotional and mental well-being, social health and relationships, financial health, self-care habits, work/life balance, stress management, sustainability and more. Wellness looks and feels totally unique to everyone; each of us prioritizing the individual pillars of wellness differently.¬†

At Minding My Soul my goal is simple: to help you become clear on your intentions and guide you in discovering what habits/actions best support you, your values, your intentions and your well-being.

I am passionate about helping you grow and implement habits that not only positively impact your own health and happiness, but also the health of our planet. Often times the positive changes we can make for our own health, can also benefit the world around us and visa versa. I find it incredibly empowering to make the connections and know how our daily choices can impact the environment for the better.

There are three ways to work with me on an individual basis: Intention Based Personal Health Coaching (3 and 6 month programs), an Intention Setting Intensive or a Simple Sustainability Intensive. These offerings provide you the ability to work with me in a way that fits your budget, interests and your time. In addition to personal coaching I also offer corporate and private wellness workshops.

To learn more or to ask me questions, please email me at or book a 15 minute discovery call.


1:1 coaching is the most comprehensive way for us to work together. In 1:1 coaching, we will identify your intentions, prioritize and set goals and implement actions towards living in a way that feels good to you and aligns with your intent. Change can be scary; but I will guide you and provide you with endless support and accountability through the process. While my coaching method remains the same, your journey and our areas of focus will be unique and tailored to you and your personal needs.


It can be difficult to get habits to stick when you’re not sure of your reason. In this 90 minute intensive session, I’ll guide you in becoming clear about your intentions and your values. I’ll help you in developing an action plan of habits that get you closer to living aligned with your intentions. Often times we confuse goals with intentions and visa versa. In this intensive we will go over their differences, similarities and discuss how they work synergistically. Being clear on your WHY with habits and decision making is incredibly important to your success and happiness! Ready to discover your why?


If the idea of sustainable living sparks feelings of intimidation, you aren’t alone. But the reality is, sustainable living can actually be rather simple and inexpensive — and with some practice, it can feel even more intuitive than previous habits. One of the toughest limiting beliefs to overcome, is the idea that our individual choices don’t have an impact on the world around us. But if everyone in the world made just one change, think of the impact. In this session we will go over what true sustainability means/entails and discuss easy and actionable ways to live a little more sustainably for a positive impact on both your health and the planet.


While I frequently offer self-hosted wellness workshops, I also offer corporate health and wellness workshops and private event workshops. Workshops can be focused on a variety of different health and wellness related themes in a combination of learning segments and hands-on activity. Whether you are a company or organization looking to provide your employees with wellness programs, or are looking for a unique way to add intentionality to your private event, I can tailor a workshop to fit your needs.

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