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My mission is simple: 

To guide you in fostering simple, sustainable and intentional habits that nourish your mind, body and soul. And to provide you with empowerment, support and accountability on your personal growth journey.

Personal Health Coaching

I offer 2 different virtual health coaching programs: Align + Nourish, focused on intentional wellness and nourishing the mind and body, and Sustain + Grow, focused on fostering a connection to sustainability and implementing simple sustainable habits. Both of these programs are 3 months in length, but Align + Nourish is also offered as an 90 minute intensive — perfect for those who are looking for guidance on finding clarity in their purpose and putting supportive habits into action.

Corporate Wellness + Workshops

In addition to personal health coaching, I offer organizational, corporate and private wellness programs/workshops focused on stress management/reduction, basic mindfulness techniques, gentle nutrition, self-care and sustainable habits. The format of these programs can vary to suit your needs, but most commonly they are offered as a lunch + learn or in-service workshop.

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What would it look and feel like to live intentionally?
What do you value in life? How do your actions reflect your values, your goals or your aspirations? What makes you feel good? In what ways do you prioritize your personal care and well-being?

Working with a health coach is a powerful way to regain clarity on your intentions and the connection between your mind and body. In the Align + Nourish Program, we’ll work together in identifying your intentions and exploring the habits that support you physical, mentally and emotionally. As a coach, my role isn’t to tell you how to live your life, but to ask you the right questions and guide you in your own path of self-discovery. What would alignment look and feel like for you? What helps you thrive? What feels good for your body and soul? When you start reflecting on how you’re feeling, what matters to you, what supports your well-being and why helps you reach your goals, you can start making mindful choices for your life, career and wellness from a place of self-compassion, intentionality and fullness.

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In this 3 month virtual health coaching program, we will work together to find clarity in your intentions and cultivate habits that feel aligning and nourishing for your mind and body. The program has a basic structure, but will flow and be tailored to fit your personal needs and areas of focus. The Align + Nourish program costs $179* and includes:

*payment plan available

  • Six 1 hour sessions (2/month)
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Intentional Planning + Goal Setting
  • Exclusive Recipes
  • Resources + Guides
  • Media Recommendations
  • Virtual Accountability
  • Unlimited Online Support
  • Flexible Scheduling

Looking for Less of A Time Commitment?

 The Align + Nourish Intensive is a one-time session meant to help the ones who maybe know what habits are supportive and nourishing, but are having a difficult time with putting them into action. This intensive might also be right for someone who is just feeling slightly off balance in one or two areas of their life. We’ll brainstorm the tools that can help you to feel realigned. The point is: the Align + Nourish Intensive is about getting down to it and putting plans into motion.


In this 90 minute virtual session, we will cut to the chase in identifying your intentions and possible areas of misalignment, and laying out a few actionable ways to put supportive habits into motion. This session will be tailored to fit your personal areas of focus! The Align + Nourish intensive costs $79 and includes:

  • one 90 minute session
  • one 30 minute follow up session
  • Intentional Action Planning
  • Resources + Guides
  • Exclusive Recipes
  • Media Recommendations
  • 8 Weeks of Online Support
  • Flexible Scheduling
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A Sustainable Approach to Living Well

I aspire to help you grow in a way that positively impacts your personal well-being, but I’m also passionate about helping you cultivate habits that positively impact the livelihood of our planet. Often times the positive changes we can make for the environment, also benefit our personal health and visa versa. I find it incredibly empowering to increase our awareness and connect the dots of how our daily choices can impact the environment.

If you want to gain a deeper connection to your personal intentions surrounding sustainability, reflect on your opportunities for sustainable growth and develop an actionable plan of greener habits, Sustain + Grow is the program for you! Together we will explore ways to implement sustainable habits in a way that is in line with your personal budget and accessibility. Sustainable living is a journey, not an overhaul. The purpose of this program is not to make you change everything about the way you are living, but to improve your awareness so that you can be mindful of your choices and habits.


In this 3 month virtual program I’ll guide you in connecting with your intentions surrounding sustainable living and help you discover your personal opportunities to foster sustainable habits. This program will involve reflection and planning, so that you can implement new habits and positive changes on your own timeline. The Sustain + Grow program costs $179* and includes:

*payment plan available

  • Six 1 Hour Sessions (2/month)
  • Sustainability Intention Setting
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Resources + Guides
  • Recommended Media
  • Personalized Action Planning
  • Virtual Accountability
  • Email Support
  • Flexible Scheduling

Supporting The Well-Being Of Your Employees

With rising insurance costs and productivity lost to employee sick days, many organizations are finding it advantageous to invest in preventative health and well-being support for their employees. Studies show that chronic stress is the root of many mind and body ailments, and work-related stress is number one on the list. While the intensity of the workload can’t necessarily be changed, being equipped with positive and impactful modes of stress management can be so powerful in  supporting the well-being of employees.

I offer group health coaching services and corporate wellness programs in the form of lunch + learn sessions, in-service workshops or beginner-friendly fitness classes. Common topics of the workshops include personal wellness, self-care, stress management, practical applications of mindfulness, healthy cooking and sustainable living, but I can personalize the program to suit the needs of your employees. I can also provide a healthy breakfast or lunch for groups of 15 or less.


Boost employee well-being with a unique mind body wellness program focused on stress management, personal wellness, self-care, practical mindfulness, healthy cooking, sustainable living and more. Corporate Wellness program rates start at $300. Available corporate wellness programs include:

  •  Lunch/Breakfast + Learn (Optional to Include Healthy Meal)
  • In-Service Workshop with Hands-On Components
  • Beginner-Friendly Fitness Class (Optional to Include Healthy Breakfast)

Are You A Brand Or Organization?

In addition to coaching services, I provide brand partnership, media marketing and freelance photography opportunities. To find out more about my branding and marketing services visit my media inquiry page here!

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