Brand Recs


Its taking me many many years to see the value in the investment of higher end fitness apparel. For years I boycotted the idea of purchasing leggings that cost the same or more than a pair of jeans. But then I got my first pair of Outdoor Voices leggings. After wearing them for yoga just once, immediately purchased a second pair. The material is firm yet flexible, thick but not heavy. I feel so “held together” in them, but can also perform the splits. I am pretty sure I won’t purchase leggings from another retailer for quite sometime. If you‘ve never checked them out or have never bought anything from them — YOU MUST. Bonus, if you click HERE, you can get $20 off your first order of $100! Which is like getting a pair of their sweet leggings for 20% off!


Over the past year, I have done my best to transition into purchasing organic and humanely raised meat. I did try being a vegetarian once, but did not feel like it was the right choice for my health. Meat is an ancient form of nourishment and I think it is possible to eat meat and still honor animals by trying your best to consume meat responsibly. The quality of the meat I consume is really important to me. Butcher Box is an affordable and convenient way to purchase high quality, humane and organic meat. All the beef is grass fed and grass finished, the chickens are organic and pasture raised, and the pork is heritage certified and humanely raised. Butcher Box prices start at $129 per month and you can chose from curated or customized boxes. The sticker shock of buying a month’s supply of meat at once may seem a bit much, but when you price out what you are spending on meat weekly, its actually the same if not less than purchasing it in a grocery store. Butcher Box runs excellent deals for first time members, and you can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime, making it rather risk free. If you’ve never tried Butcher Box and would like to, click here for a free 2lbs of Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon with your first box!