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let's redefine wellness together.

For far too long there has been an overemphasis on wellness from a place of restriction and perfection. Where exercise is punishment for something you ate. Where eating nutrient dense foods is done when you think you “need to go on a diet.” Or you start exercising only because you want to lose weight or change your body size.

But why don’t we do something a little radical and reframe our approach? Focusing on our health and wellness as an opportunity to support our minds and bodies from a place of self care, love and compassion. Forgoing the need for perfection or restriction and focusing on small positive habits we can add to our life. Choosing to not do things because everyone else is, but because you’ve reflected on how it makes YOU feel and helps you thrive. And making positive changes to our life because the impact goes even further than our personal health; positively impacting the environment and others.

Our health and wellness is so much more than numbers on a scale and the amount calories in and out. And our well-being is cultivated by so much more than the diet and exercise. Together we can explore what truly makes us thrive.

minding my soul was founded and operates on the pillars of


Our wellness and our habits should feel personal to us. Finding deeply rooted purpose in the way we live is essential to long term health and happiness. Everything should start with identifying your intentions.

self care

At it’s core, self care is the act of taking care of your needs. Whether physical, mental or emotional, our health habits are forms of self care and it’s important to prioritize them as such. We deserve to feel cared for, especially by our selves.


Too often we let go of joy in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Move your body in ways that feel fun. Enjoy connecting over food and wine with friends. Stay up too late watching netflix. If it brings you joy, it’s important to your health.


Wellness is all too often rooted in restriction. But I challenge you to stop focusing on what you can remove from your life and instead look for the positive habit you can add. Show gratitude for your health and what it allows you to do.


The one thing we all have in common is the planet we call home. Each of us has the responsibility to care for the earth and make low impact choices to the best of our ability. Many positive habits for our health are also positive for the earth.

why I started minding my soul.

Under-fed, overwhelmed and very stressed. This is how I felt just a few years ago despite being focused on and dedicated to my health and wellness. I’d force myself to exercise the next morning after a happy hour, I’d “eat clean” all day if I knew I’d be going out to dinner. I’d always search for the new superfood or diet to “fix” the way I was feeling. I’d try to “tone up” for special events or vacations. I’d spend more money than I had on trendy products.

But the thing was: None of this made me feel better. And as time went on, it actually made me feel worse. I became more and more disconnected from my body and mind, struggling to keep up with what I thought I should be doing for my health. Eventually I realized something had to give.

Wellness habits shouldn’t have been adding more stress to my life, but because I was looking at wellness from a hyper focused lens on “clean” nutrition and exercise, I was neglecting all the other things that contribute to our well-being. If stress is one of the major roots of illness and health problems, then I wasn’t supporting my health. I was adding fuel to a fire; hindering my ability to feel connected with myself and to truly thrive.

So I created minding my soul and became a health coach with the mission to help people rewrite their old narratives surrounding “healthy habits” and explore the other pieces of their wellness: stress levels, sleep quality, mindfulness, joy, social connections and more. Because we all deserve to thrive and feel our best. And there’s so much more to life than “eating clean” and going to the gym everyday. We have a greater purpose, and choosing habits that allow us to fulfill that purpose and show up for ourselves and others is what true wellness is about.



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