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Morning routines, rituals and habits. We all have them. The alarm goes off and we get moving… or we press snooze a couple of times and THEN get moving. Most of us acquire some type of beverage, get ready, maybe we organize, or work out. Perhaps you’ve settled into a routine that works really well for you, that you move through with flying colors. But maybe you’re floating in the same boat as I. Which is: you’ve struggled to nail down a routine that works or the “perfect”morning routine. You set out to implement new morning habits and for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to stick.

But I’ve learned something: there really isn’t such a thing as a perfect morning routine. Life is ever evolving, and there’s a certain privilege in being able to treat every morning exactly the same. Say if you have kids, for instance, your mornings can be somewhat routine, but also highly unpredictable. Or what if your work schedule varies on a daily basis? Then having the same exact morning might not be in the cards for you. Which is why I started to reframe my approach to my morning routines. Maybe the “perfect” morning routine isn’t a routine at all. And the importance falls more so on the individual rituals and habits. Figuring out which of your habits are nonnegotiable and which habits are optional, adding a level of flexibility to your mornings.

Are your morning routines and rituals setting you up for a positive day? Are they improving your ability to show up, for you and others?

Setting a Tone For Your Day

It’s essential to identify the key habits that can set you up for a positive and successful day — what ever that might look and feel like for you. Ask yourself: what do I need to happen in the first hour of the morning to set a good tone for the rest of the day? Likewise, its important to identify the things you might be doing in the morning that might not be positive habits for your stress or productivity. Things like scrolling facebook before you even get out of bed (guilty) or pressing snooze even though you said you wanted to wake up on time the night before.

No one is perfect. We’ve all done things or not done things that could help or hurt us in our efforts to have a successful day, but whatever your morning routine past might look like, let’s leave it there. Let’s explore what you can do right now for your present mornings, even if you only have a few minutes for yourself. Looking at your morning routine as self care and understanding that its necessary to take care of your needs on a daily basis.

Nourishing Your Morning Routine.

W’re going to work through 4 steps here for supporting your morning routine. Release, Reflect, Identify, Implement.


Before you can get to creating your own routine I need you to do something for me. I need you to release the following:

  • the need for perfection
  • comparing your mornings to others
  • the idea that your routine needs to take an hour+
  • the need for every morning to be the exact same
  • thinking that your routine can’t change as needed


Next, I need you to turn inward for some self reflection. Ask yourself the following:

  • how much time do I have to myself in the morning?
  • how do I want my morning routine to make me feel?
  • do my morning routine and current rituals set me up for a successful and positive day?
  • what habits do I currently carry out that do not feel good or help me?
  • is my morning routine as efficient as it could be?
  • what are my non-negotiables? What needs to happen everyday no matter what?
  • extra habits that make me feel good but aren’t necessary are:
  • where do I tend to struggle or have difficulty later in the day? what can I do in the morning for improved success?


Now based on your answers to the reflections, you can start to identify specific habits. Say you want to feel more organized, and you struggle with focus through out the day. Then a good morning habit could be to-do listing and prioritizing. Or maybe you struggle with stress, so you want your morning to be slow and calming. Things like herbal tea and mediation, journaling can all be good options. Maybe you’re a busy mom, and your non negotiable is waking up early enough to shower before you wake your kids and drinking a cup of coffee.

Again, your morning habits are individual to you. What can you do in the morning to help you thrive through out the day?


And now it’s up to you to actually carry out these habits. New habits can be hard. For some, the best approach is to add one thing at a time, settling into that task before implementing a new one. For others, a total reset works better. Shaking off the old routine completely for a new one. Either way, a few simple ideas for self accountability include:

  • writing your nonnegotiables on a note and keeping it by your bed or on the fridge. Somewhere visible.
  • listing your morning routine habits in a journal before bed.
  • reflecting on your WHY. Why does it matter that you foster these habits? How do they set you up for success?How do they allow you to feel through out the day?

To wrap it up, I’ll send you off with one last reminder that there is no such thing as the “perfect” morning routine. But all of us can benefit from identifying a few key morning habits that help us move through the day with more ease.

Want to further focus on your daily habits and routines? Find out more about working with me 1:1 to help you identify and foster positive and supportive habits for your well-being. Send me a message to schedule a discovery session!

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