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Hey friends! Zero waste and low waste living has had a lot of buzz lately, which is overall an amazing thing! Yay for sustainable habits! But I want to debunk the idea that you have to go out and spend a ton of money on zero waste items in order to start cutting down on single-use waste. Truth: you can create a little zero waste kit for little to no money! Here’s how:

Step One: Mason Jar.

I love keeping a jar with me for iced coffee, smoothies, juices, you name it. You can either use a 16oz mason jar you already have or you can buy one at pretty much any grocery, craft or miscellaneous store for under 3 dollars. Want to make it truly zero waste? Save the jar the next time you buy peanut butter or spaghetti sauce.

Step Two: Reusable Napkin

Make a reusable napkin/cloth out of an old t-shirt or dish towel. So many old t-shirts end up in the trash or donated (and then into the trash). Turn old t-shirts into reusable on-the go napkins or cleaning rags. Cutting the t-shirt or towel with pinking shears can help delay any fraying with out any sewing necessary.

Step Three: Utensils

Bundle up a fork, spoon and knife you already own into said reusable napkin and tie it up with a string. Yes that’s right. While in the long term it’s a good investment to get a totable bamboo set of utensils, it’s not a total necessity! You likely already have a drawer full of reusable utensils!

Step Four: Go Straw Free

Say no to plastic straws the free way but just going without a straw. It’s totally possible to enjoy a smoothie, iced coffee or tea without a straw! Simple refusing the plastic straw is just as effective as having a reusable one with you. If the idea of sipping iced coffee without one doesn’t sound appealing, you can go the the small investment route by ordering a bamboo or stainless steel straw. You can get them from bambu for roughly 3.33 per straw (10 dollars for a 3 pack.)

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So there it is! Again, I want to remind you that while investing in reusables can be be advantageous or more convenient for the long term, they are not a requirement to start engaging in zero-waste habits. You can start changing your impact with things you already have access to!

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Sending you love and light.

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