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In a world of Goop and and infrared saunas, I find myself seeking simplicity when it comes to physical personal care. There are a few trusty products I love purchasing for my skin, face and hair; but often I find myself concocting my own treatments in the kitchen. One of my favorite ways to show my face some love is with a cinnamon and honey face mask – doubling as a scrub!

Making this mask is TOO simple. You just need:

1 tbsp of favorite raw honey and a healthy sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

You can mix the two together in a small bowl, but I personally just mix it in my hand. Once the cinnamon is thoroughly mixed into the honey, use a finger to spread the mask all over your face. Be careful to avoid getting too close to your eyes.

A precautionary note: You might feel a little warmth from the cinnamon on your face, but if it feels like it’s getting hot or your face feels irritated rinse the mask off immediately.

You can let the mask sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes before gently rinsing off with warm water. As you rinse, you can use the cinnamon as a lightly exfoliator, rubbing the mask in small circles. The cinnamon is lightly abrasive and can remove dead skin cells, just be careful to not scrub too hard!

Why honey? Honey is anti-inflammatory and incredibly moisturizing and research has shown that raw honey has healing properties. Just make sure you are using a raw honey and not a conventional one. Conventional honeys are often cut with sugary syrups.

A Note on Self Care:

Look, I know life is busy. That doesn’t disregard the necessity of physical personal care — a form of self-care. Doing a face mask is rarely something I do while totally relaxing, laying down or sipping coffee. I often put masks on 20 minutes before I’m intending to shower and continue to do other household tasks while it sets. But the simple act of showing my skin/body some love makes me feel good, reenergized and supported by myself. And when I feel supported and good, I can put out good into the world and towards others.

Physical personal care is important for our well-beings. And prioritizing it in some capacity is crucial. You’re saying that you value yourself and your body. I’m not making the case for elaborate treatments and spending a fortune on your personal care. That’s not necessary. But I am encouraging you to show your physical self some feel-good care. Are masks a necessity? No. But making a free mask out of kitchen ingredients in 3 minutes is a fun way to use your resources and give your skin some love.

Other non-extravagant ways to care for your physical self is going for a walk, drinking a large glass of water, taking a shower, trimming your cuticles, lathering your hands with a balm or whatever else! Again, the point is that you are simply doing something to take care of your body.

Do have any favorite DIY self-care treatments? What forms of physical personal care do you prioritize? Leave a note in the comments or send me a message! And join the Minding My Soul community today if you want new posts delivered to your inbox!

Thanks for reading! See you next time

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