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Your kombucha has fermented for roughly 2 weeks and it’s the perfect amount of sweet and tart. You observe a nice healthy culture growing on top. So now what? It’s time to bottle up your kombucha and add flavoring agents for its second fermentation!

But What Is The Second Fermentation?

Technically, there is nothing wrong with drinking your kombucha immediately after the first phase ferment, but there won’t be any carbonation since it was brewed exposed to air. So the second fermentation is performed in sealed air-tight bottles. The additional 1 tsp of sugar is what spurs the second fermentation. As the bacteria consumes the sugar it will produce air which will create carbonation in the sealed container. Cool, right?

In this video tutorial I show you how to take your freshly brewed ~gallon of kombucha, separate it into bottles and flavor it with five different recipes. 4 of the recipes are my trusty go-to’s and the 5th was an experiment with hops — good news: it turned out great!

The five flavors I make in this video are ginger, chamomile lavender, chai spice, rose cardamom and dry-hopped grapefruit. If you want to try your own flavors, follow this basic formula:

Per 12 oz of kombucha add 1 tsp sugar + 1-2 tbsp of flavoring agents.

You can bottle and flavor in 12 or 16 oz bottles or in larger growler containers. Personally, I love using small long neck bottles because it gives me the ability to try many different flavors. I found my bottles for a couple dollars each at a local beer brewing supply store, but you can also find them on amazon or an online brewing retailer!

Ready to bottle and flavor? Let’s get to it!

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Thank you for watching, friend!

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