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Rosewater toner (or hydrosol) is all the rage right now — and for good reason! Rose is an astringent herb, meaning it has a naturally tightening effect on tissues. Conventional toners are also astringent, but the tightening is via alcohol and other chemicals.

My face is becoming increasingly sensitive as I get older; and in the last couple years, I’ve become more aware of the harmful chemicals in conventional skin care products. Slowly adopting a skin care regime of simplicity, I’m a big fan of products with less than 5 ingredients. Rosewater toner fits that bill and just might be my favorite skincare product!

I love a good home, health or beauty DIY, and I’m working on bringing more of them to the blog. Inspired by my Herbal Academy course and Meg Dixon over at Root For Food, I decided to try making my own chamomile + rosewater toner. Making your own toner is a great way to reuse a bottle and save money — while avoiding toxic chemicals.

bottled rosewater toner

Flower Power (Excuse me while I nerd out over herbs for a moment)

Before we get to the how-to details, let’s talk about why chamomile and rose are good choices for skin care. Chamomile and rose have many similar properties and actions. They are both anti-inflammatory, which can soothe facial redness and irritation. Chamomile and rose are also both nervines — meaning they have a natural calming effect.

Rose and chamomile also have some unique properties. As stated above, rose is astringent, and can provide a gentle tightening on the face — good for your pores. Chamomile has anti-histamine properties which can further reduce itching and inflamed skin.

As you can see, just two simple dried flowers pack some serious healing punch. Side note: as I work my way through my herbalism course, I ‘m starting to think everyone should learn basic herbalism. It’s such a resourceful skill!

flower petal power

Making The Chamomile Rosewater Toner:

The best way to describe the process is that you’re basically making a soothing cup of tea for your face. I’m serious! To make the toner, you’ll start by bringing a cup of filtered water to a boil in a small pot. Then you’ll remove the pot from heat and add 1 tbsp each of the dried rose petals and chamomile flowers and cover the pot. This will brew for 10-15 minutes. Then strain the liquid through a flour sack towel or thin piece of clean cotton, squeezing out all the liquid. Pour 2-4 oz into a small spray bottle, letting it cool all the way before closing.

There will be left over liquid; you can either drink it as tea or let it cool and water your plants with it.

Important Note On Storage:

Store-bought hydrosols are produced by steam distilling, making them shelf-stable. DIY rosewater toners will only last about 1 week in the bathroom and 2 weeks in the fridge. Thus, I recommend making and bottling the toner is small quantities. I fill a 4 oz spray bottle about half way, and this usually is the perfect amount for 2 weeks. If there is any left over, I mix it with bentonite clay for a mask!

polaroid of roses

Chamomile + Rosewater Toner

Make this DIY chamomile and rosewater toner to soothe facial redness and promote skin healing.


  • 1 tbsp dried rose petals
  • 1 tbsp dried chamomile
  • 1 cup filtered water

other items to have

  • small pot (stainless steel or ceramic is best)
  • 4 oz spray bottle (amber glass is best)
  • flour sack towel or thin cotton
  • small funnel


  1. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, the remove from heat.

  2. Add the dried flowers and cover the pot. Let brew for 10-15 minutes.

  3. Strain the mixture through the flour sack towel or cloth and squeeze out all remaining liquid.

  4. Pour 2-4 oz of liquid into the bottle (a funnel helps). Drink the remains liquid or use it to water your plants.

    Let the toner cool before closing and storing in the fridge. Use with in two weeks.

There you have it, friends! Have you tried making DIY skin care products? Are you interested in more DIY’s like this? Let me know in the comments! Your feedback is always so appreciated! I do all of this as a hobby for myself, but I share it in order to help you too!

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