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Change is inevitable in life. Evolving is necessary for our growth and livelihood. But personal growth can be complicated by the constant influx of outside information and influence. On a daily basis, we take in information on ways we can change ourselves. Sometimes being told how we SHOULD change ourselves.

I’m probably not alone in saying this: but when I’m told I should change something about myself, my gut reaction is to resist with all my might. Even if the change is technically positive. I attribute this mostly to the fact that the message often is: I/we are wrong and this is what we need to stop doing or restrict in our life to be right.

Making positive changes to our lives is great, but who feels motivated to change when they feel shamed about themself and their habits? Not I, and likely not you. Which is why it’s crucial to cultivate a mindset of abundance and growth; both when looking at change and also advocating for it.

What Do I Mean?

Change is simply that — the act of doing/thinking something differently, evolving, morphing, etc. Change can be positive, as in we do something differently as a means of positively impacting our life and growing, or it can be negative; involving a shift in which negative implications are the result. Personally, I think negative change can still have an end result as positive growth if you learn from your mistakes and missteps. Anyway, zeroing on positive change: we have two options when looking at change. We can see it through an abundance lens as a means to gain and to grow, or we can see it through the lens of needing to give up. Which do you think results in lasting change and habits? Hint: not the second one.

Applying It

Let’s apply this to sustainable living. Corey and I have made a lot of great changes over the last year or so. Looking through a lens of restriction, you could say that we are buying less, have given up certain things or are burdened with new tasks. But to be honest, it never even crosses my mind in that way. Instead, I look at all the good that has come from it. I feel more connected to the environment and have gained a better sense of awareness surrounding my personal impact. I’m learning how to make things from scratch that I never would have attempted before. I am acquiring new skills and a lot of patience. I’m able to get creative and experiment with different home DIY’s. I’ve gained compassion and a desire to inspire others to see all that they can gain from making small sustainable changes.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure I made sustainable living sound way more appealing in that paragraph than a person does by spitting horrifying statistics at you. The stats are important, but if they are your only motivating force, it’s hard to feel excited about the changes you’re making. And this can be said about so many other areas beyond sustainability; because again, the mainstream message surrounding change is heavily focused on taking away.

Change is Change, But We Can Decide How To See It

The point is: we will often make intentional changes to our lives in an attempt to better ourselves and grow. But if we want these changes and habits to feel good, to stick and to really have a positive impact on our lives, we need to shift. To look at what we gain from changes rather than what we lose. We have the power to cultivate the mindset of abundance; to see the joy and beauty of our changes and our growth, to appreciate new opportunity.

Change and growth is important, but I’d argue the mindset surrounding the changes is even more important.

Before You Go

I want you to focus inward and think about a few areas of your life that you have changed or are actively trying to change. Are you approaching that change from abundance? If not, I challenge you to write down 5 things you are or could be gaining from this change and keep it in a place that you’ll see it as reminder. Mindsets don’t change overnight, but it’s never the wrong time to start trying.

If you want to keep the conversation going, or would like to talk about an area of change you struggle with, send me a message here!

Thank you so much for reading!

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