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More than half the country is dealing with brutally cold temperatures and being urged to stay inside. In addition to the cold, two feet of snow already covers our ground here in upstate New York with the potential to get another 2-3 feet in the next two days. How crazy is that!? What’s crazier, is how that’s not necessarily abnormal for this snowy pocket of the Northeast. But honestly, I don’t hate it. I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to stay in and drink all the hot beverages? But I do understand that not everyone loves being snowed in. And I’ll admit, after a while I can feel cabin fever start creeping in if I’m not careful to prevent it.

For me, part of living intentionally is being aware of how certain things can make me feel and making choices that positively impact my well-being. I don’t handle boredom very well. I never have. As a child I was tinkerer; able to keep myself occupied for hours playing or drawing. I watched TV, but I wasn’t one to sit and watch for hours on end. To this day, I have to be in the mood to do absolutely nothing (or terribly ill) to watch more than a couple episodes of something while not working on anything else.

Being stuck inside for a full day or more could quickly result in boredom if I didn’t intentionally choose to keep myself occupied with things I enjoy. Having a back pocket of favorite indoor activities is helpful in not just preventing cabin fever, but boredom in general. Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to spend extra time on things you love. So let’s talk about a few of my favorite ways to prevent cabin fever!

Try Out a New Recipe

Whether baking or cooking is your preference use a cold or snowy day as an opportunity to try a new recipe! In the winter I make it a point to keep my baking supplies fully stocked so that I have the staples in the event of a surprise snow storm. Depending on what you’re baking or cooking, you can be occupied for a rather large amount of time. This is an especially opportune moment to try some fancy cake decorating. How gorgeous is this cake?!

Do an Online Workout Video

Get your blood flowing and release some endorphins! While many online fitness options have a cost, there are also plenty of free online workouts! Bless you, YouTube. That being said, even the paid sites typically offer a free trial. I’ll admit, I’ve totally free-trialed my way around the fitness domains. If yoga is your jam, I highly recommend Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube! I also really love Barre3 and the Kait app for barre/pilates style workouts!

Put on Some Music and Dance

While we’re on the subject of endorphins. One of the best ways to lift your mood is to blast your favorite jams and dance around. In college I would take study breaks to groove around my room. Good mood guaranteed. Need I say more?

Channel Your Creative Spirit

I personally believe we all possess creative energy. When people say they aren’t creative, I think it really just means they haven’t figured out where their creativity flourishes. Just because you can’t paint a portrait or DIY some home decor doesn’t mean you aren’t creative! Play around with different types of arts and crafts and see what really pulls you in! There are a lot of low cost/risk crafts to try. My current favorite is hand embroidery!

Play a Board or Card Game

Corey and I pride ourselves in our board game collection. When we’ve exhausted ourselves on other activities or our to-do list, we open a bottle of wine and enjoy a game or two together! Honestly, we don’t need an excuse for this activity, it’s something we enjoy pretty often. But if you typically pass on playing games, use winter as a prime time to try out a couple!

Clean or Organize an Area of Your Home

No, no: I am not suggesting you go full blown Marie Kondo on your house. But if you’re feeling a little bored, you could just go address your closet, or that junk drawer that barely opens anymore. Or you can seize the opportunity to do some less favorable deep cleaning of your kitchen or bathrooms. Sure, not the most fun way to stay busy. But having an organized and cozy home environment certainly never stole joy from a person.

Catch Up on Magazines

The arrive in the mail and just pile up. Does that resonate? You’re not alone. I typically end up binge reading magazines when I have spare time. I recommend tearing out pages with recipes or activities that interest you and place them in a folder or binder for easy access!

Make a Vision Board

Once you’re done reading those magazines, do some manifesting. Cut out words, pictures and phrases that resonate with you and your intentions/goals. Glue or tape them into a collage to keep on your desk or by your mirror. Similarly, you can do the same with design inspo for redecorating or renovating your home!

Curl Up With A Book and Some Tea

As much as I love the feeling of reading a book with paper pages, I also love that technology provides us the ability to access a new book from home. If you aren’t already a member of your local library, I highly recommend you look into it. Our small public library has an app for checking out e-books, allowing endless access to new books from the comfort of home. Additionally, it’s not terrible unreasonable to buy e-books through amazon or kindle. Usually e-books are cheaper than the cover price!

and last but definitely not least…

Gratitude: Winter Edition

Is it ideal to be cooped up inside? Maybe not. But at least you have an inside to keep you warm! When cabin fever starts to set in from being indoors all day, remember that not everyone is so fortunate. Writing down all the reasons to love and be grateful for being snowed in. For instance, be grateful to have a warm house and fuzzy blankets. Be grateful to maybe have a day off of work. Or be grateful for a bonus day with your kids (even though it can be stressful at times). Be grateful to have time for some hobbies. Be grateful to live in a place with seasons — Some people go their whole life without seeing snow. Point being: It could a be a whole lot worse. Seek the beauty in the situation!

So there you have it! Now some of these activities might not be something you’re into, and that’s totally okay! My hope is that this simply inspires you to get creative and take action towards preventing a case of cabin fever. As I said above, it might be inevitable at moments to feel stuck. We’re only human, right? In those instances I just encourage you to make some tea, take a few breaths and be grateful for all the good in the situation. And remember that this too shall pass.

Wherever you are, I send love and light. Stay safe and warm, friends!

Watertown, NY in the Winter

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