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Friday Favorites:

I’m back with Friday Favorites here on Minding My Soul — and I’m trying out a new format because life is always changing, so can my blog! Each week this segment will feature: my current favorite activity, the food I’m loving at the moment and some form of media I’m enjoying. These posts will be short, sweet and simple; meant for giving you a glimpse at what’s currently bringing me joy in hopes that it inspires you to seek your own mini daily life joys. #thelittlethings

I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks as I’m knee deep in wedding DIY’s and planning with Corey, but honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve taken great care to avoid putting too much pressure on my self to “do it all.”

Rather than form rigid expectations that everything would remain business as usual while having a full plate of other time consuming — yet joyful — tasks, I’ve reminded myself over and over again that it’s okay to step back and just live in the now.

Activity: Wedding DIY’s

All the little craft projects have me wishing I was a blended spirit of Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines. Maybe in a future phase of life I’ll tackle full time crafting. For now, I’m just reveling in all the wedding crafts and love that my creative energy will be present and bring joy on our big day.

Food: ALL the peanut butter and chocolate.

Yes my friend, all the chocolate, one week before my wedding. Picture me standing on a hill top with a megaphone as I declare this: YOU DO NOT NEED TO DIET FOR YOUR WEDDING OR EVER. So if you’re intuitively craving chocolate and nut butter… eat it. And don’t apologize for it. Just savor the heck out of it and move on with your day.

Media: American Vandal Season 2

I typed American Vandal at first, then erased it in a quick moment of thinking that I should share a more profound form of media. And then remembered this is my blog, and if that’s the media I loved most this week, then that’s what I’m sharing with you. Because honestly, with how much I’ve got going on, I didn’t want profound this week. My brain needed a break, and I wanted dumb comedy. So as grotesque as the subject matter may be, it’s made up for with the clever writing, the humor and the impeccable character development. If you’re a Netflix junky: I 10/10 recommend.

So there you have it. Probably not things you were expecting, right?

I was inspired to share this short favorites blog post as I was pondering how little energy I spent on my “wellness” this week. I ate leftovers. I ate meals without vegetables. I drank 2 cups of coffee everyday. I have stress hives. I ate a slice of birthday cake almost every night. I slept in until 8 two days. I’ve gone for short walks but haven’t touched weights. But you know what? I am okay!

Life is life is life. Striving for perfection gets us nowhere, so when you feel like things are crazy, don’t add to the stress by trying to be a shining example of wellness. Just be. Go easy on yourself and look to all the things in your day that are still going wonderfully and bringing you joy!

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