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I’m currently in full blown wedding planning mode and was inspired to bring you a post that’s part wedding planning, part sustainability and part joy. Few things can brighten an ordinary day quite like fresh a bunch of flowers. I love treating myself to a bouquet when I go to the farmer’s market, the grocery store or, more recently, from the Bouqs Co. But what makes the flowers even more adorably perfect? Placing them into my favorite recycled glass containers. Between the cold brew coffee, kombucha, beer and jarred goods, I’m left with plenty of materials to transform into repurposed flower vases. So today I want to share with you my 5 favorite glass containers that I use for repurposed flower vases — not including the ultimate favorite: Ball Mason Jars.

Health-Ade Kombucha Bottles

I’ll start with this retro apothecary styled brown bottle as this is the container I’m using for my wedding centerpieces! The beautiful amber glass makes for a lovely addition to your fall and winter home decor. Additionally, these bottles look wonderful when painted!

Bulliet Bourbon Bottles

Corey and I like to keep a bottle of our favorite bourbon on hand. After we finish the bottle, I love reusing it for decor purposes!

Chameleon Cold Brew Bottles

Simple and sweet little bottles. Perfect for simple stems to bring happiness to a desk area.

Sauce Jars

If you’re looking for simplicity and versatility, any number of the style of sauce jars works well as rustic style flower vases.

Stubby Short Neck Beer Bottles

Most commonly used for Sierra Nevada beers, these bottles have a beautiful vintage shape and deep amber color.

What’s your favorite glass container to repurpose? Have you ever used any of these? Tell me below in the comments and let’s keep this convo going!

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