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Hey, Friends! I did something! With the help of my fiancé, Corey, I have entered the world of video content by filming my lemon garlic hummus recipe! While its clearly a learning process, I am quite proud of how this first one turned out. I have many improvements to make, such as my awkward pauses, but you’ll never learn unless you do, right?

So here is one more reminder, to put yourself out there and do the things you’ve always thought about doing, no matter how big or small. Life is truly too short to live in the what if’s. If something doesn’t seem possible at the moment, whether financially or logistically, start manifesting it. Write your plan out on paper, so that it physically exists in the world, and then research the steps it would take to be able to do what you want. From there, you can start goal setting the individual steps. Good things take time, so don’t be discouraged by the sentiment of not being able to achieve something overnight.

So here’s the video and link to my new Youtube channel. While I only have the one video up for now, I plan to start posting more frequently. If you want to make sure you never miss a new video, head to Youtube and subscribe to my channel.

As always, I’m so grateful for your viewership here on Minding My Soul and I’m so excited to be able to share more content with you on a new format!

Comment and tell me what kind of videos you would like to see. Recipes? Wellness?


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