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Ah yes, I did in fact skip last week’s edition of the Friday favorites as I was quite busy packing for Long Island. As I mentioned in the first of these, they may not happen every week because #reallife!

This week’s favorites are in line with how I’ve been feeling lately: bright and simple. A strange combination of adjectives, however incredibly accurate. I’m not sure if it’s the 17 hours of day light we have right or that work has been slower, or that the sun has not stopped shining in days, but I have been feeling quite joyous. Additionally, I’ve been feeling incredibly satisfied by the littlest things: a hot cup of coffee, flowers, daily walks and time spent with corey. Not that any one of those items don’t usually satisfy, but lately, I’ve been feeling like it’s the simplest things that are all I need.

So with that, here are this week’s Friday favorites:

Peony Bouquets

If you saw my instagram on Wednesday, you would have seen the brilliantly hot pink peonies I bought at the farmer’s market. They now brighten up and grace my kitchen counter top and make me smile a bit every time I see them. Whether its peonies or not, I am a huge advocate for treating yourself to a fresh power bouquet. I dare someone to feel sad when looking at a bunch or beautiful summer flowers. Growing and cutting them yourself or getting some from the farmer’s market are both wonderful ways to bring joy into your life.

Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry season is in full swing around here. On Wednesday I bought some delicious berries not from the farmers’ market but from an Amish man and his children who were selling them from their horse and buggy. Yes, I do live in a town where the amish can ride their horse and buggies right on in. It always so fascinating to observe the contrast of worlds in one visual frame. I love to eat strawberries on their own, but I also quite enjoy throwing them into my salads for a juicy burst of sweetness.

Pour Over Coffee

After listening to In It 4 the Long Run’s Chasing Joy Podcast episode about how to brew really really good coffee, I became inspired to elevate our coffee game with pour over. We found pour over apparatuses from target for less than 10 dollars, as well as invested in a 15 dollar coffee grinder so we could brew with freshly ground beans. If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive way to make a rich and luxurious cup of coffee, then I highly recommend looking into pour over. If you just want fresher tasting coffee from a drip coffee pot, then at the very least I advise getting a cheap coffee grinder. The difference in freshly ground beans versus store bought grounds is unreal.


Thats it for this week, loves! I hope you all have a beautiful first weekend of Summer!


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    • Megan - Minding My Soul

      Thanks Love! Its definitely all summer essentials! What’re your summer must haves?

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