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Welcome to the first edition of Friday Favorites! I’ve decided to start sharing a weekly post that features 3 things, products or activities that I’m currently loving. I’ll give a brief run down of what they are and why I love them. Easy enough right? These posts are going to be meant for quick reading and to be a simple way to share some of the products or activities that I use. Alas I will not bore you with an extended intro here, so lets get on with it, shall we?

Health-Ade Matcha + Cold-Brew Coffee Kombucha 

IMG_4329THIS, my friends, may be the second best flavor of Health-Ade kombucha. It takes second
place only to the beloved Holiday Cheer flavor. Unfortunately, they don’t sell this flavor online, but given the fact that I can find it in a small-town health food store, something tells me you could find it at most Whole Foods Markets and major grocery chains with a decent health section. It’s made with a blend of cold brew coffee and matcha green tea which ends up giving this kombucha more of a savory note than most of the flavors. This flavor is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Winc. Wine Delivery Service

IMG_5191I stumbled upon Winc. for the first time on the only place I find out about anything
these days, Instagram. I was intrigued by the idea of doing a quiz and being given recommendations so I gave it go. The wines that we’re picked for me we’re pretty spot on to my taste and much to my surprise, relatively affordable. I also had the option to add to or edit my cart if I wanted more bottles or wanted to substitute a bottle. If you typically buy wines in the 10-20 dollar range, then I highly recommend Winc. as most of their wines are in this range. They also featured a few ciders, which I think we will order next time. Winc. is technically a subscription service but you are able to pause, skip or cancel at anytime. You can buy individual bottles, but you’ll only receive free shipping or be able to use promo codes on at least 4 bottles. We tend to “stock up” when we purchase wine anyway, so buying 4 bottles at a time isn’t anything new to us. What makes this great is that you can see detailed descriptions of the wine’s flavor, origin, and pairing suggestions before you even buy it. I 10/10 suggest giving Winc. a try for even just 1 month. If you click here and give it a try, you’ll get $13 off your first two boxes. I signed up for my first box using a promo code, which made it an even better deal!

Rao’s Homemade Pasta Sauces

roasted-garlic-sauce.jpgFor years, YEARS, I resisted buying Rao’s pasta sauces because of their price — but then, it was on sale and I purchased a jar and was so disappointed that I held out for so long. Yes, at roughly $8 dollars per jar on average ($6 at Walmart!), it’s certainly a bit pricey, but the aroma and flavor quickly make you forget about the 3-4 dollar difference from other jars of natural or organic sauce. I’m pretty sure that unless I’m making homemade sauce, there isn’t another sauce I will use for any of my pasta or recipe needs. It tastes so incredibly fresh and makes your realize just how processed even the more natural jars of sauce are. They use the good tomato — those San Marzanos, which in fact DOES matter. Additionally, Rao’s is free of anythings artificial and uses the highest quality ingredients. There is something sentimental about the Rao’s brand to me, not because I ever would’ve been able to get a table or afford dinner there, but because when I used to live in the South Bronx, I would run at the E 118th street track in Harlem, which was nestled right next to the actual Rao’s restaurant. If an $8 dollar jar of sauce seems out of the question, then I suggest you just splurge on it at least once, because it is SO worth it. Side note: each jar can definitely by used for 2-3 meals for 2 people, so that definitely helps it fit the budget a little bit better!

So that’s it for this week, friends! Check back next Friday for 3 more favorites!

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