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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

the holiday season has arrived! but where on earth did 2018 go?! Anyway, I’ve gathered a list of things I’ve loved this year and know would make great gifts for the special someones in your life! Might I highly recommend the gifts that make an impact category. Happy shopping, friends!

disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon affiliate program. Some items may contain referral and/or affiliate links which means I could receive a commission from your purchase — at no cost to you. I participate in affiliate programs to sustain the costs of creating content and only recommend products I truly believe in.

gifts that make an impact:

Make sustainability convenient and create a ripple effect this holiday season by giving your friends and family stylish gifts that help decrease their consumption of single use plastic. They’ll thank you, and so will our planet!

gifts that keep giving

Flowers or house plants each month? Sign me up! Or sign up for your wife, girlfriend, grandmother, sister or anyone else who appreciates fresh flowers and greenery — because #thelittlethings.

for the outdoorsy do-ers:

It is never a bad idea to get outside as much as possible. Might I suggest channeling your inner skater wanna be and getting this cruiser? Or make winter great again and get a couple pairs of snow shoes for you and your SO. Pack a backpack with snacks and make a day out of it!

for the eco-conscious fashionista

I’m all in on eco-conscious investment items. Buy sustainably produced items that are made to last, because slow fashion is better for you, the planet and (in the long run) your wallet.

for the foodies and home cooks:

Having the dreams arsenal of kitchen items doesn’t happen overnight. Make your foodie loved one happy by gifting them an investment kitchen tool this year. I’m looking at you, Le Creuset.

for the coffee aficionado:

How to make coffee a beautiful ritual: try out a “slow” and non-mechanical method of brewing. Cozy weekends made better with a side of french pressed coffee.

Fun-ctional stocking stuffers

Who else has gotten deodorant in their stocking? Well this year you won’t disappoint anyone if you gift them a stick from Primally Pure. Or make your wellness-y BFF the happiest girl alive with an essential oil pocket pharmacy. 

Etsy finds under $30

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