The “Hummus a Tune” Burger (Bob’s Burgers Recipe Attempt #1)

I don’t keep up with many adult animated TV shows, but this past fall the fiancé and I were netflix-ing and I became totally hooked on Bob’s Burgers. (Like, so hooked. I once watched like 12 episodes on a rainy Saturday.) For those of you that don’t watch the wonderfully silly show, Bob Belcher and his family own a burger shop in a little seaside town — in their shop is a chalkboard, on which they write their punny daily burger special. A fan of the show, Cole Bowden, started a blog where he was creating actual burger recipes inspired by the special names on each episode. Word got around to the writers of the show, and Bowden collaborated with a writer and two chefs to fine tune the recipes and turn them into The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. 


Now I don’t know about you, but I definitely enjoy the occasional burger — especially homemade since you can be more creative and can make them a bit healthier. So when Corey and I were perusing through the books at Rough Trade in Williamsburg and stumbled upon this gem of a book, it caught our attention. We gave it a flip through and chuckled at the recipe names, and at first glance, I was pretty surprised at how creative the burgers were — to my surprise, a lot of them contained nutritious ingredients (like veggies, legumes, and healthy fats). We decided to go ahead and buy it and figured it could be fun to attempt to recreate a Bob’s Burger once or twice a month.


So tonight, we decided to pull out the recipe book and try out the “Hummus a Tune” Burger — A beef burger topped with home roasted red peppers and a garlicky homemade hummus. The hummus was super easy to whip up, and the burgers were simple — just grass fed beef with a little salt and pepper. The peppers took the longest, as they had to roast for 35 minutes. We used toasted Ezekiel sprouted wheat buns as the book ends of the burger. These burgers were SO GOOD. The hummus was creamy and the roasted red pepper added a sweet touch. Ill share the recipe from the book below, it makes 4 burgers. This could easily be made with ground turkey or chicken if you don’t eat red meat — or a veggie burger, if you don’t eat any meat. I can’t wait to try more of these delicious burgers!

*Recipe by Cole Bowden.