Mom’s ‘not-so-secret’ Secret Salsa: an ode to mothers’ recipes.

I’m going to call this post an early nod to Mother’s Day. (I love you mom!) When you think back to your childhood, I’m sure there are recipes you can remember your mom making often. Then out of those, you can probably remember a standout/signature recipe. The recipe that made a regular appearance at BBQ’s, pot lucks, family gatherings, neighborhood block parties, or just your dinner table. The recipe that many people assumed your mother would make, or when planning a party would ask, “hey, would you mind bringing some of your _________? I love that stuff.” For my mom, that was her salsa recipe. Its so unbelievably simple with only 5 ingredients (6 if you include sea salt), and so unbelievably delicious. The blend of flavors is so perfect and fresh and bright.


My mom was never shy to tell people what was in the salsa; one could probably even figure it out by trying to separate the flavors. But given the fact that the amounts of ingredients are more of an eyeballed quantity than an exact measurement, people that have tried to recreate it, often end up with a salsa that is slightly different. I, however, have inherited the secret touch and, according to my grandfather, can make the salsa taste pretty identically to my mom’s. (WIN.) My mother approved me to disclose the ingredients here on my blog, but asked that I didn’t include quantities, in order to keep it a bit of a secret. (Sorry, friends!) So if you’re ever feeling experimental and want to try and piece together the correct amounts, the salsa contains canned whole tomatoes, cilantro, green onion, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeño, and salt to taste. That’s it, but it could be argued that the seventh unspoken ingredient is the special touch of my mother’s love. I’m glad that now I will be able to spend the rest of my adult years making the salsa for my own parties and BBQ’s and feel like I am making my mom proud in doing so.