Hello from Upstate NY!

So it has been few weeks since I started my food/lifestyle Instagram account (check it out: @theavocadobabyyy)  and I am so shocked by how quickly it has started to grow! There is such an awesome community of like-minded individuals with an interest in food, health, and a balanced lifestyle. My life has gone through a lot of (wonderful) major changes in recent months and I’ve decided that it is time to tackle the ever popular hobby (for some, a business) of lifestyle blogging! I often get asked by friends and family members if I write my recipes down when I am in the kitchen and The answer is typically “no.” So I want to use this as a place to document recipes, write about new foods I’ve tried, document food and drink consumed when out & about with my fiancé, Corey, and as a place for general discussion of all things that are encompassed under a “balanced lifestyle.” I like to eat a lot of nutritious and colorful foods, but trust me, I also quite enjoy a nice margarita on the rocks or cold brew (beer or coffee, for that matter). Bear with me as I get this thing started as I am a total website newb! Enjoy!

p.s. the name of my blog is derived from the sweet Los Campesinos! track, “Avocado, Baby”