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living well
with intention

for the mind, body,
soul and earth.

Hi, I'm Megan.

A wife, daughter, sister, friend, certified health coach, beginner herbalist, maker, coffee addict, taco lover, joy seeker and more. 

After years of struggling with wellness through a lens of restriction, under the heavy influence of diet culture, I  found a lot of peace and clarity when I began looking at wellness from a place of intentionality and self-compassion. As a coach, I work to help others find similar peace by defining their own intentions and figuring out what habits align and best support their own mind, body and soul.

I also love tying personal wellness into the wellness of our earth by empowering people with the knowledge and understanding that our personal habits matter. Implementing small sustainable habits makes a major impact on the livelihood of our planet.

In this space I love to share tips, ideas and my own experiences surrounding wellness, sustainability, joy and more. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’d like to connect, send me a message!


Intuitive Wellness . Simple Sustainability . Practical Mindfulness

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