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Listen to Your Body + Mind Your Soul

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Listen to Your Body.” I used to recite this to myself often, and thought it just meant skipping my run and biking instead if my knee was hurting. Or that it meant I should avoid XYZ foods because they bothered my stomach once. Over time, however, as I searched for answers to questions about my wellness, I realized that diet and exercise we’re not the only pieces to the puzzle. We are more than just bodies, we have souls, and I started to understand that it was my soul too that needed nourishment. It craved hobbies, love, meditation and reflection. Our bodies need whole food nourishment, but our souls need us to not obsess over our food choices, and to enjoy comfort food every now and then. Our bodies need exercise, but our souls need us to move those bodies from a mindset of compassion and self-love. To honor this, is to honor your self — to mind your soul. The next time you make a decision in the name of wellness, ask your self: does this nourish both my body and my soul?

Wholesome Recipes

Proper nourishment doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated. At Minding My Soul I strive to create recipes that can easily be recreated, whether your a seasoned cook or just learning how to use the kitchen. Though some dishes include dairy and wheat, I do like to feature recipes that are allergen free and can also be enjoyed by those with dietary restrictions.

The idea of holistic living can seem daunting or “out there” to many. Trust me, I’ve been in those shoes! But really, to live holistically simply means you’re accounting for and taking care of your mind, body and spirit as a whole. You partner with your body and your soul to nourish it in ways beyond diet and exercise. Here you can find practical and accessible ways to take care of your emotional and mental health to find mind body alignment.

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