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living well with intention.

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Minding My Soul is a holistic health coaching practice and intentional wellness blog focused on empowering you to cultivate mind-body wellness with intentionality, sustainability and simplicity in mind.

Ready to reconnect with your intentions?

Hi, I'm Megan!

A wife, daughter, sister, friend, certified health coach, beginner herbalist, maker, coffee obsessed, taco lover, joy seeker and more.

For years I felt lost on what it meant to be “well.” I was always trying to morph myself into the societal ideals by restricting foods, overexercising and staying in GO mode. I finally found peace and clarity when I began looking at wellness from a place of intentionality and self-compassion. As a coach  I work to help others find similar peace by defining their own intentions and figuring out what habits align and best support their own mind, body and soul. The definition of what it means to live well is different for all of us.

I’ve become increasingly passionate about the connection between our personal health and the health of the environment. Making choices that are sustainable not just for ourselves, but also for the livelihood of our planet, the well-being of global citizens and the resources for future generations is important. I want to make “eco-friendly” living feel less daunting and empower you with simple tools and tips for living better in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious way.

In this space I love to share tips, ideas and my own experiences surrounding wellness, sustainability, joy and more. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’d like to connect or learn more about the services I provide as a coach, send me a message!

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